STCW Officer & Master 500gt

Officer of the watch and Master 500GT for Commercial Yachting


With a professional licence commercial yachting one is allowed to commercially sail with yachts up to 500 gt with a maximum of 12 paying passengers. NaviClass is recognized by the Belgian Maritime Administration to organize these courses (according to Royal Decree 22/08/2020).

Target group 

All captains/officers working in the commercial yachting with sail or motoryachts.
STCW Commercial Yachting 500gt has 4 levels, which are:Sailing yacht 500gt

  • Officer of the watch coastal (< 200 NM)
  • Master coastal (< 200 NM)
  • Officer of the watch Ocean  (unlimited)
  • Master Ocean (unlimited)

Prior knowledge

To participate, you must have a STCW Master 200GT certificate or equivalent.

To apply for the Belgian COC you need to fulfil to following requirements:

– NaviClass OOW & Master modules (II/1 & II/2)
– STCW Basic Safety (VI/1-1,1-2,1-3,1-4)

  • Personal Survival Techniques (VI/1-1) (to be refreshed every 5 years)
  • Fire Fighting and Prevention (VI/1-2) (to be refreshed every 5 years)
  • Elementary first aid (VI/1-3)
  • Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities (VI/1-4)

– STCW Security Awareness (VI/4-1)
– STCW Medical First Aid (VI/4-1)
– STCW Advanced Fire Fighting (VI/3) (to be refreshed every 5 years) (only for unlimited)
– GMDSS GOC (to be revalidated every 5 years)
– STCW Medical Fitness (doctors approved by Belgian Maritime Administration)
– Proof of seatime ( 1 year for OOW500 + training book, 3 extra years as OOW500 for Master500) (to be recorded on Certificates of Service)

NaviClass Modules Course ContentSuper yacht_200gt

* OOW module (<200NM)

4 days – Price € 1.210,- incl VAT

  • Navigation (part 1)
  • Seamanship & Meteorology ( part 1)
  • Ship construction and stability (part 1)
  • Regulations and documents (part1)
  • OOW written exam
  • OOW practical exam (not included in course days)

Minimum 4 students.  

* RADAR/ARPA module (II/2 management level)

3 days – Price € 1.450,- incl VAT

  • Radar/Arpa theory – 1 day
  • Practical exercises in bridge simulation (Antwerp Maritime Academy) – 2 days
  • Practical evaluation

Minimum 4 students.

* Master modulecaptainhat

4 days – Price € 1.210,-  incl VAT

  • Ship construction and stability (part 2)
  • Regulations and documents (part 2)
  • Crisis Management and Human Behaviour
  • Master written exam

Minimum 4 students.

* OOW/Master Ocean Upgrade module 

5 days – Price € 1.550, – incl. VAT

  • Celestial navigation (part 2)
  • Seamanship & Meteorology (part 2)
  • Great circle navigation (part 3)
  • Ocean upgrade exam
  • Ocean upgrade practical exam (not included in course days)

Minimum 4 students.

Application and admission

After registering via the login button, we need to check if you fulfill to the minimum requirements. For that you need to send an e-mail to
This mail should contain your contact information, your certificates (in PDF) and a nautical CV.

Since there are similar certificates in several IMO countries, the NaviClass evaluation committee will decide whether you can start this program and / or you can obtain an exemption for a specific training module.


For each course you’ve completed, you will get a NaviClass certificate. This certificate, along with your STCW safety certificates, GMDSS certificate, certificates of service and medical fitness certificate must be delivered to the Belgian Maritime Administration (for more details please contact They will assess your file and provide the STCW certificate of competence for commercial yachting.

STCW Officer & Master 500gt

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