STCW Estuary Shipping

Needed for inland vessels who are used up to 5 nautical miles from the coast and in estuaries such as the Westerschelde

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RatingEvery skipper on a inland vessel which is used for “estuary shipping” must be in possession of an appropriate certificate (in accordance KB 24/05/2006 Regulation VII / 5).

This obligation also applies to the first mate and for each officer in charge of a navigational watch on these ships.

This certificate is limited to “inland vessels that also are used for non-international sea journeys within five nautical miles of the (Belgian) coast. The trips include courses ranging from the Zeeschelde to the Belgian coastal ports.

Organization of the course

The duration of the module “Estuary Shipping” is 5 days and includes the following topics:

  • Coastal Navigation
  • Seamanship, maritime English and meteorology
  • Shipbuilding and stability
  • Regulations and documents

This module is organized on request. Price also available on request.Zeeschip_estuaire vaart


The certificate VII / 5 should be obtained from the Belgian Federal Public Service Mobility by the submission of:

  • Completed form “request certificate estuary shipping”
  • Copy of valid medical examination (can be of inland sailing), see table “Recognized Doctors”
  • Copy of valid GMDSS Certificate (ROC)
  • Copy STCW Basic Safety & Security Awareness Certificate
  • A copy of license (with the notation “R”)
  • Evidence of 3 years sailing on a barge
  • ADNR certificaat


STCW Estuary Shipping

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