STCW Proficiency courses

NaviClass offers a wide range of safety & security trainings:
All are mandatory for professional seafarers and all and are elementary for leisure skippers.

STCW Basic safety training

maritime security training mandatory for everyone who’s sailing at sea on professional basis. Your basis for STCW officer and master courses

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STCW (Refresher) Personal Survival Techniques

STCW (Refresher) Personal Survival techniques – fundamental survival knowledge and practical exercises in a swimming pool.

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STCW Elementary First Aid

First Aid is essential for all skippers and required for your RYA / MCA Yacht master offshore. This knowledge can save life and prevent grave injuries,

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STCW (Refresher) Fire Fighting

Fire at sea can quickly be fatal. Fire fighting and prevention are essential for sea fearers. This course is essential part of the safety training of crew and skippers.

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STCW Security Awareness

All sailors, from sailor to captain who want to sail for professional reasons should have followed the training STCW Security Awareness.

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Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities

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Advise on our proposition or specific questions?

Do you want to gain specific knowledge or skills? Can't you find which course you want, need or could do? Please let us know and ask your question in this box. We will provode advise free off sharge and will recommend you to the best of our experience. We will reply as soon as we can but allow a few days or a week as our specialized instructors are sometimes on the water for longer courses.