STCW Elementary First Aid

First Aid is essential for all skippers and required for your RYA / MCA Yacht master offshore. This knowledge can save life and prevent grave injuries,

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At sea, the rescue services are not as quick at you as on the mainland. So it is extremely important make the right diagnosis while waiting at the rescue services.

STCW Elementary First aid: STCW A- V1/1-3 ) is part of the STCW Basic safety training (BST). This module can also be followed separately.

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All seafarers from sailor to captain, who want to sail professional at sea should have followed these first aid at sea.
Also for peoples who sail for pleasure this is a very useful course to improve safety on board.

There is no previous knowledge required.


  • Reaction in case of a medical emergency
  • Medical assistance or advice by VHF
  • CPR reanimation and training on a manikin
  • Shock treatment
  • Choking
  • Heart attack
  • Head wounds
  • Back injuries
  • Fractures and dislocations
  • Burns
  • Bleeding
  • Drowning drill
  • Cold shock and hypothermia
  • First aid equipment on board


  • There is no exam, your certificate will be delivered based on a permanent evaluation and a short test.
  • NaviClass STCW Elementary First aid certificates are recognized by FOD Mobility..
  • Certificates are 5 years valid. Those certificates are recognized in all IMO countries.
STCW Elementary First Aid

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