STCW Basic safety training

maritime security training mandatory for everyone who's sailing at sea on professional basis.

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The STCW Basic Safety Training (BST) is a maritime security training mandatory for everyone who’s sailing at sea on professional basis.

It is a basic requirement for all STCW training for commercial yachting and professional yachting.Lesgeven Peter VVW (3)
It is definitely a good education for all recreational skippers, especially for those who make trips that go far offshore. Far from the coast , you are difficult to reach by the rescue services and your own security skills are very important in these situations.

STCW stand for ‘Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping’. This is an international convention on the minimum requirements concerning standards of training, certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers of commercial and professional yachts.20130420_SeaSurv (84)

Required for admission

Except for the course Fire Fighting the students need no specific requirements. For the course Fire Fighting you need a medical report.
This report from your medical doctor should declare that ”You are fit and suitable for practical exercises that are physical demanding and include using
contained breathing apparatus”.


The STCW Basic safety training (BST) is a course of 5 days and is subdivided in 5 modules. You can follow each module also seperatly:

Deze cursussen zijn beschreven op andere pagina’s. Klik op de links om die te lezen.
These courses are described on other pages.
The 5 modules of STCW BST are given at different locations all between Antwerp, Gent and Brussels.

Certificationyacht on fire2

The NaviClass Basic Safety certificatesficates are recognized in all IMO countries.
NaviClass STCW  are recognized by FOD Mobility.
Certificates are 5 years valid.

STCW Basic safety training

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