STCW (Refresher) Fire Fighting

Fire at sea can quickly be fatal. Fire fighting and prevention are essential for sea fearers. This course is essential part of the safety training of crew and skippers.

850 € pp incl VAT

STCW (Refresher) Basic Fire Fighting and Fire Prevention: STCW A –V1/1-2 (16 uren) is part of thee STCW Basic Safety training (BST). However this module has very much value in its own right. 

For whomyacht on fire

For all Seafearers, from crew to captain. Also for everybody who needs a commercial and/or professionals certificate.
Furhermore every skipper who wants an insight in the fire risks on his yacht will benefit from this course.

For registration

You need no specific knowledge or pre-course certification.

However you need a declaration from a doctor that “you are fit to do exercises with the use of pressure breathing apparatus in demanding conditions”


Course content

Fire fighting day 1:

  • tailored theory about fire and the spreading of fire tailored to the situation on board
  • elements that are required for fire
  • fire fighting techniques
  • dangers of different types of fire
  • types of fire extinguishers and their use
  • preventive measures


  • In a ‘fire house’ you will do fire fighting with different types of extinguishers.
  • Out side you will practise the use of high pressure fire houses with water and foam.

Breathing protection  day 2:

  • protective clothing and how to use it
  • high pressure breathing equipment, how it works, how to use
  • checks before use
  • how to use and practical procedures


  • Exercises with high pressure breathing equipment in the fire house and a tower.
  • Blind search while using breathing masks in unknown buildings.


  • During the course your performance will be evaluated by the fire department instructor. You have to pass an theory test.
  • NaviClass STCW Basic Fire Fighting and Fire Prevention certificates are recognised by the Belgium FOD Mobiliteit authority and the RYA.
  • Certificates are valid for  5years and recognised in the IMO countries.
STCW (Refresher) Fire Fighting

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