Rating forming part of a navigational watch. With this professional certificate you can work as a crew and officer on sea ship in merchant shipping.

This five day training is going to prepare you to work as skilled sailor on ocean vessels in merchant shipping. 

Content of the course

  • Course basic navigation (12h)
  • Seamanship & Maritime English (18h)
  • Regulations (8h)
  • Evaluation (2 h)



DSCF4996There is no specific knowledge is required.
At the start of the course you receive the NaviClass manuals ‘Rating forming part of a navigational watch’
The theory course is given in our classroom at Antwerp.



“Companion who is part of a navigational watch”
Certificate Rating forming part of a navigational watch in accordance with Provisions of Regulation II / 4 of the STCW Convention 1978, as amended in 1995 and Chapter II – Section A-II / 4 of the STCW Code 1995.
This navigation certificate is recognized by the IMO countries and should be requested from the Belgian Federal Public Service Mobility after following the course with the presentation of:

Navigational watch_

  • the NaviClass certificate STCW Rating forming part of a navigational watch
  • STCW Basic Safety Certificate
  • a medical examination issued by a recognized maritime inspection service
  • 2 months of approved seagoing service on board a ship completed



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