The NaviClass terms and conditions apply to the sales of our services and products and to operational activities.

By placing the order the client declares to know the terms and conditions below and accept them without exceptions.


  • NaviClass is a trademark of the PTCE BVBA.
    Wherever NaviClass is used in these conditions, this also shall be promptly true even if PTCE BVBA.
  • NaviClass always aims at the reliability of the provided information, for which they cannot be held liable.
  • NaviClass commits itself to an obligation of means, by which they are responsible for any damage that was caused directly by its fault or the fault of its employees during the assignment. The liability of NaviClass is in any case limited in accordance with the closed insurance .A copy of the insurance can be requested at the headquarters.
  • Any deviations to our terms of sale must be confirmed in writing by the manager.

The client

  • Each participant of a practical course declares to have no health restrictions (such as heart disorders, balance disorders, diabetes, epilepsy, etc.) which prevent him to safely navigate a vessel.
  • The client agrees to not recruit any staff member of NaviClass directly or indirectly, nor during the period of the commercial contract between the parties nor during the period of one year after the termination of the contract. Any offense of this provision gives to NaviClass the right to demand a damages equivalent to an annual pay of the recruited person.

Prices and bills

  • NaviClass provides valid invoices and quotations. The prices that are given in the quotations are direction giving and without any obligation. It’s indicated whether it’s VAT included, if that is not listed, they are excluding VAT.
  • Our quotations are valid for one month.
  • Any special discounts granted expire automatically if the payment conditions are not respected.
  • The prices are calculated at normal continuous operating conditions based on the information given by the customer and the totality of the offer. Unforeseen and exceptional circumstances will be charged in supplemental.


  • Payment: the customer who books a course – either confirmed via the website, by phone or e-mail  – agrees to pay the invoice within fourteen days after the invoice date – the expiry date  –
  •  Each invoice that is not sent back to us within eight days after the invoice date is supposed to be accepted by the customer.
  • Payment: All invoices must be paid at least two weeks before the start of the course or assignment otherwise NaviClass cannot allow the participation.
  •  Each invoice that is not paid within fourteen days after the first notice is increased by 10% of the invoice price, with a minimum of 125 euros. The default costs are charged to the buyer.
  • The invoice that is not paid by the due date causes that the balance due from the other, even non-due invoices legally and instantly claimable.


  • Cancellation by the customer must be done in signed writing (by letter or fax) or by e-mail with acknowledgment of receipt by NaviClass. Cancellation is possible until thirty days before the start of the course or assignment. At a later cancellation the full invoice amount must be paid.
    However, if the customer has made the cancellation insurance option he must not pay his full registration fee but only 10% after 30 days to 2 weeks before and 20% in the two weeks before the start of the course. The cancellation insurance option costs 4% of the course price.
  • NaviClass may interrupt its services and deliveries in case of force majeure without any right to compensation from the customer. Examples of force majeure: damage to a vessel, illness of an instructor or skipper, such bad weather that the insurance requirements exclude the activity or instructor finds it unsafe.
  • If the minimum number of participants is not reached, then NaviClass has the right to cancel the scheduled course. The customer can follow the course at a later time or ask for credit.


  • All complaints should be sent by e-mail or letter and sent within eight days after delivery of the service.
  • In case of dispute, the courts of Antwerp are competent. These Terms and conditions are subject to the Belgium law.


  • The client undertakes to let the staff of NaviClass / PTCE operate in line with the work and safety conditions provided by ARAB and all other laws in force in this field.
  • The costs and infrastructure associated with the assignment as the provision of spaces, telephone lines and power consumption are charged to the client.

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